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“Stress Less” insurance assistance

You or someone you care for may have been injured, that can be a real stressor. Unexpected bills may show up, another stressor. Missed work is another stressor. Not being able to do the dishes without discomfort, or mow the lawn, or pick up a child…hundreds of other inconveniences add to the stressors after an accident.

There is no way for us to stop all the stress that comes along with an accident, but Northwest Collision can help you ‘Stress Less” when it comes to your insurance. We are here from the moment you contact us until detailing your vehicle at the end of a job. Bring your insurance information into Northwest Collision and let us go to work for you. We use state of the art equipment to find all the damage the first time, then make sure the insurance company understands the work we need to do.

Recovering from an accident can be stressful. But Northwest Collision is here to help you Stress Less. A big part of that is you being able to relax and let us take care of your car and this part of your insurance, while you take care of you. When you drive away with your vehicle working as it did before the accident, you will know it is safe as can be again.

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This is our commitment of professionalism and quality not just to every one of our customers, but to you as well.



Dealing with an accident can be so very stressful. NorthWest Collision is here to help relieve some of that stress. By reading this you are already on your first step toward letting us lift some of that weight.



We hold a very high standard of quality from service on the phone and the front counter to watching you drive away with a smile of satisfaction.


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From working with the insurance company on your behalf to returning your vehicle in its original, pre-collision condition... and sometimes better!



Ask about our customer satisfaction guarantee, we are very proud to offer the best service followed up with the best guarantee


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