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If you’re driving a sports car or a log truck, the paint on your vehicle does more than just make it look nicer. It is a shield protecting the body from corrosion, rust, and many other types of damage. Your vehicle may be a classic aching from aging paint, it may just need a part or two from a ding, or a full body paint job to recover from a larger accident. In any case Northwest Collision is here for you, give us a call.

We have experience making customers happy after having painted log trucks, industrial machinery, fire trucks, RVs, 5th wheels, even cars, and trucks!

Quality paint and the environment:

This booth is specifically built for the new industry standards for waterborne paints. It’s better for the environment, for the painter’s health, and gives more clarity to the color on the vehicle. This booth has more filtration so the exhaust is virtually cleaner air than the intake.

Then, our recycling system separates out the thinners that we can use again in the shop. The rest of the product comes out the consistency of dirt, completely safe for the environment.

Specialized lights

Using special paints, primers, as well as specialized LED and infrared lighting, Northwest Collision is keeping up with new technologies.  These investments end up saving time, money, and deliver a better job in the end. 

High tech welders:  

Modern cars are made out of so many different metals like Iron, aluminum, boron, and high tensile steel, each with its own requirements to achieve solid welds.  You just cannot repair today’s cars properly without these welders.  These friction welders can duplicate the pinch welds manufacturers use when building the vehicle in the factory.   

Sanders with HEPA air filters

Not a lot of shops have these, but when you turn on these sanders, the air filtration units suck all the particles that are being sanded off and keep the air safe for workers and customers who come into our shop.  

We have bays in our shops that are large enough for motorhomes, fire engines, log trucks, and some really large machinery

Self-Piercing Riveter:

Self-piercing rivets are the connecting element for joining aluminium parts, mixed connections and combined joining and gluing without emissions.  These are the only approved repairs for aluminum work on the new Ford pickups. 

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