Towing Service

Nobody likes getting in an accident.

Everyone prays nobody is hurt, but then you have to deal with police reports, the insurance company with all their forms, getting the right towing company, then finally getting things put back together and repaired. To help even more Northwest Collision has created partnerships to make towing a part of our service to you.

No No tows, is not only another local business, they are fantastic with the work they do. From down the street to across the state, No No Tows has proven their reliability, quality service, promptness, and great customer care.

They have helped transport cars, pickups, RVs, boats, and more. No No Tows has partnered with us and can get your vehicle off the street, the side of the highway and into the shop as soon as possible. You may certainly use whichever towing service you would like but we recommend No No Tows. Wherever it happens, whatever time of day or night, call 360-532-7351 and have our partners come help you out.

If you have any questions or concerns please give Northwest Collision a call at 360-538-0679.

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This is our commitment of professionalism and quality not just to every one of our customers, but to you as well.



Dealing with an accident can be so very stressful. NorthWest Collision is here to help relieve some of that stress. By reading this you are already on your first step toward letting us lift some of that weight.



We hold a very high standard of quality from service on the phone and the front counter to watching you drive away with a smile of satisfaction.


Your Satisfaction

From working with the insurance company on your behalf to returning your vehicle in its original, pre-collision condition... and sometimes better!



Ask about our customer satisfaction guarantee, we are very proud to offer the best service followed up with the best guarantee


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